Halloween Totem Poles


What do you do to celebrate Autumn? dscn2334Take trips to the apple orchard for cider and warm donuts? Go on hay rides at the pumpkin patch? Do you break out your Uggs and hoodies?

Yep, me too!

Being a camping enthusiast, I also celebrate Autumn at the Fall Festival weekend at Sleepy Hollow State Park.galaxy-s4-2453 Sadly, I know that as we arrive and begin to set up the tent, this will be our last camping trip until spring  but,  Sleepy Hollow State Park’s Fall Festival weekend is a great way to rock out this year’s camping season in style. It is so much fun!

We call it Halloween camp because although it is only the first weekend in October, the whole campground is decorated for Halloween.

One of the ways that Sleepy Hollow State Park decorates is with totem poles that are made, for the most part, with   plastic pumpkin heads.

This year, my friend and I decided to make our own.

Months ago, Denise (yes, there are 2 of us!) and I started shopping for  Halloween decorations at Good Will and Salvation Army, and other thrift stores. We  had  fun building our Halloween decorating stash. We would send each other pictures of our latest finds. We are just  big kids when it comes to Halloween!

These totem poles are so inexpensive and easy to make that I wanted to share this DIY Halloween  decoration with all of you.

I started with  old broom handles from my garage and glued lights on them.

I used Christmas tree stands ( again from the thrift store) to hold the broom handles upright.

One of my best finds was a 2′ plastic ghost for $2.99. I used it as the bottom of my  first totem pole.dscn6529

After cutting the bottom out of my pumpkin heads, I started stacking them on top of the ghost.

I used Gorilla Glue to hold the pumpkin heads in place.

I topped this one off   with a plastic skull.

How cute is this?

dscn6534I am happy with how my second totem pole turned out also!dscn6637

My friend, Denise T., used PVC pipe for  her totems.14222275_10205891104271687_29536737169047486_n 14344059_10205936175038428_2907847541065033449_n

I love this!!!14183882_10205890456775500_2215159130948949389_n

They are adorable!

So, there you go. A fun and inexpensive DIY Halloween craft.

Can you imagine these on your front porch? Better yet, next to your tent or RV at a fall festival camping weekend?

If you make Halloween totem poles for yourself, send me pictures.


Happy Camping,



”  Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting the days until Christmas.”

Stephan Graham Jones

My Photos

  • The featured photo was taken near Traverse City in 2012
  • View from a rest area on I 75, 2014
  • Me at Halloween camp, 2014
  • 3 pictures of my Halloween totem poles
  • 3 pictures of Denise’s Halloween totem poles
  • Me carving pumpkins with my family, 2013

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